Our Company

  • Gordon Dale - Real Estate Agency Owner
    ICEBALL is providing the best and quality products which I have ever used in my office and home.
    Gordon Dale - Real Estate Agency Owner
  • Joan Avina- Travel Agent
    I was completely guided about the product and also my whole team practiced the ICEBALL fire extinguisher individually and found it very easy to use and reliable.
    Joan Avina- Travel Agent
  • Tom Johnson- Travel Agent
    I have been taking fire as an easy stuff. But after a once experience with it I thought to have a safety precaution for it. So for this I recommend ICEBALL.
    Tom Johnson- Travel Agent

Our Vision

To be the world's no. 1 provider of innovative solutions in protecting life, environment & property from Fire.

Our Mission

To provide Fire Free environment to secure life, environment, property and business by delivering high quality and innovative Fire Protection Solution.





ICEBALL - Our quality and effective fire extinguishing product.